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Company InformationLIFE CARE, REDI CARE

We become a trustworthy company
through innovation and excellent technology.

Initially founded in 2015 as a medical system division of Samyung ENC, RediCareCo.,Ltd.—Korea’s No.1 marine communication equipment company—was established as an independent corporate body in 2017, and it developed the semiconductor-based glucose monitoring system. Such pioneering glucose monitoring system clearly demonstrates that the company is equipped with excellent technologies and an innovative mind. We will grow into the country’s leading medical system company, and we will offer the most reliable point-of-care testing that fits our corporate slogan, "LIFE CARE, REDI CARE” We will also fulfill our social responsibilities by practicing our four key values.

Thank you very much for your support and interest.
Your continued love and support will be much appreciated.

A photo of the ceo

Ceo Jaewoo Hwang

Key Values

  • People

  • Innovation

  • Honesty

  • Life


1. CEO / 2. Quality Assurance Officer / 3. Vice President / 2. - Auditor , - Planning Director, - Development Director / 3. -  Management Assistant, - Purchase, - Developmen, - Production, - Product Quality, - Sales